Choose the best vps

A lot of businesses today use a vps server which is a virtual server that can work like an actual server. It is known for having an independent operating system which can perform a number of functions. Those who are looking for a cheap vps should consider either Linux vps server or a windows vps server; both of them are cheap not in their working but price wise they are reasonable and affordable. Both of them are affordable and useful; they both are secure and protect the server from viruses and malware attack, but those who are not able to select one here are a few difference between the two of them.

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Difference between Linux and windows vps hosting

  • As mentioned earlier that both the operating systems are cost effective but there is one minor difference that windows vps server requires a licensing cost while Linux has a free license. So in this sense, Linux is cheaper than windows.
  • Their technical support is different; windows use SP.NET, VB.NET and Linux use Apache and PHP.
  • Linux is known for handling the workload and a lot of traffic efficiently while windows cannot work that efficiently is the traffic is more.
  • Linux is easier to use and anybody can make use of it while windows can only be used by those who technical knowledge.
  • Linux gives security only to the administrators while in windows the user gets the security.
  • Both of them use different control panels which are user-friendly and can be easily used.

Both the vps servers are good in their own way, one can take any of them both are cost effective and have minute differences. So if you are looking for cheap vps you can buy any one of them for your business.